Friday, July 31, 2020


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Aromatherapy is the careful, controlled and informed use of plant-based essential oils to create a therapeutic sense of well-being of the mind, body and spirit.

Essential oils are not really oils but they are liquid that is extracted out from the ''essence" of the plant. The common way to extract the oils is through steam distillation that has been existing for a thousand of years BC. It can be from the leaves, roots, barks, flowers, fruits and sometimes from the animals.

The basic benefits that you can get from Aromatherapy are relaxation, sensuality and stress relief. It serves as a complementary medicine to orthodox medicine (prescribed by professional doctors). Its therapeutic touch works well with mental and spiritual healing.

There are a thousand blends and practical usage of essential oils that makes Aromatherapy an interesting subject of research and case studies.

Aroma has been affecting our life unconsciously. For instance, when we walk through a garden and smell fragrant flowers. When we go hiking to the mountains and the scents of trees and the surrounding greens could change our mood. How about going to the mall and when we pass-by a bakery with their oven-fresh  goodies of cinnamon rolls can instantly drive us crazy. Or when we check out the perfumery department and we spent most of the time comparing scents and ended up buying them.

This olfactory art of Aromatherapy paved the way on how we use the power of plant fragrance. And there are hundreds of essential oils available out there and mostly sold online.

Just a caution, not all oils are created equal. Some can be toxic rather than healing to the body. So one should be fully aware of the essential oils they use at home.

To help you out, it is best to consult a qualified or certified Aromatherapist in your area. Or this website could give you  a well-informed guidance on how you can use aromatherapy safely in your day to day life, kids and even for pets.

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