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Does Aromatherapy Work?

Aromatherapy Cebu - To refresh you with this post, please refer here for the definition of Aromatherapy.

With the controlled and informed use of aromatic oils as therapeutic, we can help maintain or improve our mental, emotional and spiritual state. We can even combine this with massage and other holistic approach for a sound mind and body.

How does Aromatherapy Work?

There is this misguided information about using our sense of smell. Again, we have to reiterate that 'aromatherapy' is NEVER a substitute to prescribed medicines by doctors that are used to treat or cure illnesses or diseases through our olfactory organ, rather it acts as supplementary or complementary therapy to orthodox or western medicines. Each essential oil has a combination of constituents that may interact with our body's chemistry and definitely results in some effects.

Let us learn these 3 effects:

* Pharmacological – When an essential oil enters the bloodstream it can react with the hormones and enzymes causing a physical reaction to the body.

* Physiological – The essential oil is sedating or stimulating to the body

* Psychological – When inhaled the essential oils affect the mind and emotions.

The Word 'Aromatherapy'

People in Ancient times used aromatherapy as a form of therapeutic treatment with the CORRECT use of it and the right application of essential oils which are derived from plants. Nowadays, some of the essential oils are derived from animals too.

AROMA means sweet smell or fragrance.

What is Aromatherapy today?

A lot of industries are definitely incorporating the science of using essential oils especially in food with herbs and spices, perfumery with alcohol and carrier oils, beauty & cosmetics with natural fragrances and facial oils, the field of medicine both western and TCM or the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It exists in many forms we unknowingly know. We are definitely gearing towards Holistic therapy in the next two decades.

Aromatherapy in Cebu, Philippines

This clinical modality is new to the world of health care, here in Cebu, massage spas are emerging and incorporating aromatic massage services to their clients as a kind of holistic well-being.

There are a few and can be counted specialists on essential oils and aromatherapy practicioners in this Visayan metropolis. Most services are done through consultations. It is easier and convenient as one can simply book an appointment with a qualified Aromatherapist or certified Essential Oil Specialist via email, messenger, viber, skype, zoom or even text or phone call.

There are a few essential oil enthusiasts and entrepreneurs involved in the selling of essential oils from reputable big brands or international MLM companies. There are local brands in the Philippines too producing pure essential oils like calamansi and dalandan.

We can see a new trend of people leading towards the holistic approach of healing and using oils in their day to day life. Sooner, hospitals will adapt programs on Clinical Aromatherapy which will introduce a new service for their patients . Let us all watch out for any developments in our local medical industry.

Aromatherapy or the use of pure essential oils can be done safely at home but it is highly suggested you have great knowledge of the characteristics and the therapeutic value of each essential oils. The use of pure essential oils should not be intended for the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any illnesses or diseases.

Any products or brands mentioned above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Else, you just need to book a consultation and get expert advice from an Essential Oil Specialist or Aromatherapist in the area.

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