Thursday, August 20, 2020

Stress Away with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Philippines- According to studies, it is believed that the leading cause of  diseases and illnesses by people can be traced back to stress. Those who have experienced much with it has a higher risk of getting sick of chronic health conditions. And it is obvious because it makes us really out of balance and it can affect a lot of areas in our life. Just like nowadays, people turn to Aromatherapy to at least reduce stress.

The three top stressors of our modern time are: Health, Money and Work

When we have poor health, it will be hard for us to function with the normal routines that we do.
Being sick is really annoying and the medication through our prescriptions could pile up our expenses. Of course, it will also relate to money. It can definitely consume our savings and we might not be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We will be overthinking on keeping ourselves to catch up with being healthy.

Another thing that could be a source of our stress is our job. The office politics, our fellow co-workers, the competition, the busy traffic when going to work, project deadlines, sales target, closing deals with prospective clients,  a lot of several factors interlinked with our day-to-day living and working can pull us down.

However, do note that there is something that we call a "Positive Stress". This happens when we try to overwork because we enjoy doing our job. We have so much drive and  it gives us much energy. Well, this is something we don't need essential oils.

Now there is also what we call "Normal Stress" in which our bodies react to what it is supposed to do in response to a particular situation. Like when we have to finish a project nearing its deadline.  Because of stress, we tend to forget to relax or take a break for food or we tend to move and think faster.

The worse type of stress is called "Distress" where it consumes our energy beyond its normal capacity and it has become a daily pressure on us, then it leads to some serious chronic conditions already. So this is the time that we can actually tap unto Aromatherapy.

So let us check what essential oils that we can blend for its aromatic and therapeutic benefits. These suggested blends are for mild stress and simple relaxation. Method use is TOPICAL with massage oil.

*Before doing the massage, please do a Skin Patch Test within 24 hrs. 

Prepare the ff:

60 ml container
Carrier Oil: fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil or grapeseed oil or any of your choice.
Choose three essential oils from the list we suggest,

Roman Chamomile

Blend 1

Rosemary- 2 drops
Lavender- 4 drops
Cypress- 6 drops

Blend 2

Roman Chamomile- 3 drops
Lemon- 3 drops
Marjoram- 6 drops

Blend 3

Neroli - 4 drops
Petitgraine- 4 drops
Nutmeg- 4 drops

These blends are set to a 1% dilution intended for Adults (with pre-existing conditions). Healthy individuals can go as high up to 3% dilution.  Use the dilution calculator below.

 Refer to the Auto DILUTION CALCULATOR here



Our Certified Essential Oil Specialist supports the suggestions above are safe given the quantities of the essential oils. Please DO NOT EXCEED dosage as to what's been recommended above. As unique as we all are, some essential oils or blends might work for you, some may not work for others. Each will have a different experience. So please take note and experiment "safely" on what works for you.

Should you be seeking medical cure or treatment, please contact a doctor immediately and refer to their prescribed medications.

The use of essential oils whether aromatically, topically or internally is NEVER a cure to illnesses or diseases. It should not be intended for use in the mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.  It is just supplementary or complementary to orthodox medicines. And is dependent to the client's wishes to use the Holistic approach in healing.

Any products or brands mentioned above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

If unsure or in doubt about what essential oils to use, always consult or refer to a Certified Essential Oil Specialist here.

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