Friday, August 7, 2020

What is Carbon Dioxide or CO2 Extraction?

In Aromatherapy, it involves the controlled and educated use of pure essential oils. The traditional way of extracting essences from a plant is through distillation. The most popular method is steam distillation. This time, with the advancement of technology and research, there is a new process of getting essential oils. And that is the use of carbon dioxide, known as, CO2. The method is called Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE).

How it is done?

The CO2 in its gaseous state is set to be pressurized until it turns into its liquid form. It will be added as a solvent to the plant. It will then dissolve the essential oil while on its liquid state. The next step, CO2 will then be set to evaporate to its gas form leaving only the purest and clean essential oil.

Why this method is considered the latest in extracting essential oils?

-It leaves no solvent (liquid carbon dioxide, C02) residue in the essential oil.
-the volatile constituents or its chemical structure of the essential oil is preserved during the process.
-better control of aromatic compounds extraction.
-the scent you get is almost like that of the original smell of the plant.

Essential Oils label

You will notice that some companies or brands will specifically label their essential oil bottles with CO2 in it if it is extracted using the carbon dioxide method. Of course, this would entail a much higher price than those steam distilled ones.

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