Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Essential Oils for Anxious Feelings and Sleep Issues

Aromatherapy Philippines - This one is taken from one of our case studies for our certification in Aromatherapy. Through our consultation services, we vetted out the client's case. It is mandatory to get any medical history, personal information for profiling, medications and treatments taken, and a lot more during the assessment. A client interview is necessary whether by email, skype or messenger.



personalized inhaler to induce sleep

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Making Insect or Bug Spray with Essential Oils in Philippines

Aromatherapist Cebu - It is blending time. We are making a DIY insect spray or bug spray at home. This is one of the many recipes we have and hope you can make this on your own. Note, no harmful or toxic substances used in this spray. They are only made from pure essential oils, water and polysorbate 80. We also encourage recycling. Please use any PET bottles that are still usable.

We created a video demo for this. Feel free to watch it for some visuals and if you want to follow it.