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Becoming a Certified Aromatherapist in the Philippines


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Aromatherapy Certification - It was on October 13, 2020 that I got an email from my aromatherapy certification school, Aroma Hut Institute based in Florida, USA confirming their final assessment that I  passed my level 1 certification. I am now a NAHA-approved, Certified Aromatherapist here in the Philippines. It took me almost 4 months to finish the distance learning course. 




Certified Aromatherapist Philippines

To become one, I need to finish the level 1 certification course of at least 50 hours of the curriculum, with 20 essential oil profiles to master, a required research paper and a minimum of 5 case studies to submit for assessment. A quiz per module is needed to pass as well as a final graded examination from the school is needed.

However, the subjects like chemistry, botany, limbic and lymphatic systems, physiology, anatomy and other systems in our human body is thoroughly discussed in this curriculum. Of course, everything I need to know about the history and basic knowledge of aromatherapy is part of the modules.

There is no pressure in taking the course as it is an online self-paced platform and one can opt to finish it after 6 months or even a year. I managed to finish mine in almost 4 months. If I have more time, I could have finished it in a short period however, I'm hooked with work, business and our current pandemic situation. It is definitely not a walk in the park.

How much to enroll in a course?

It depends on your chosen school. The LEGIT Aromatherapy certification Level 1 course will normally cost you around $660 to $1000. There are schools offering both Level 1 and Level 2 together as a package for a cost around $1990 to $2500. You can go as high as Level 3 or Clinical Aromatherapy (300 hours minimum). 

Be careful with choosing a school online, there a lot out there that offers certificates but it serves no use at all as it is not recognized by international organizations. But let me help you with some tips below.



The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) is an international non-profit association of certified aromatherapist based in the US that devotes itself in the right and safety education of aromatherapy promoting ethical and best healthcare practices by professional members. It creates standards for Aromatherapy professionals.

They also approved schools that offer Aromatherapy courses. All graduates from any of the NAHA-approved schools can register and become members of the association. So it is important that when you enroll in a certain school, make sure, it is a NAHA-approved school. More about NAHA here.


The Alliance of International Aromatherapists is another non-profit organization that certified aromatherapists could join and be associated with. They provide scientific-based research on the use of essential oils in holistic healing. They too formulate aromatherapy standards to be followed by members.  

They also offer different levels of membership. Learn more about it here.


Aromatherapy Governing Body in the world

As of the moment, there is no international regulating board that monitors all professionals, products and services of aromatherapy around the world. However, there are a number of non-profit organizations independent in different countries that established their own standards, regulations and laws. It definitely varies per country.

In the UK, there is the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA)

Japan has the Aromatherapy Association of Japan (AAJ)

Those in Canada has the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA)

Taiwan has the Taiwan Association of Aromatherapy.

There is Korean Aromatherapy Association (KAA) in South Korea.

Here in the Philippines, there is no association yet for aromatherapists. Hope to have one soon. However, those taking up their courses in US-based schools could opt to join NAHA or AIA after graduation as these two are internationally recognized organizations for professional aromatherapists and essential oil specialists.

Clinical Aromatherapy

This is another holistic modality that might be offered soon in hospitals or has been offered already in some of the healthcare clinics or hospitals in the US, UK, France and some parts in Europe and now, even in Asia.

It is another complementary approach of alternative healing to western medicines using essential oils.

In the next decade, there is a futuristic vision for Clinical Aromatherapists to be a booming career in the beauty and health industry.

Certified Essential Oil Specialist

Last August, I also completed another course and passed the Doterra certification as an Essential Oil Specialist. As of this writing, October 2020, I am Cebu's first and only Certified Essential Oil Specialist. I finished it in months as well. I have written about it through my personal blog, Certified Essential Oil Specialist.



Essential Oil Journey

I started using essential oils in 2012 and launched my own organic perfume line with extension products like room and linen sprays, sanitizers & massage oils for my health spa. 

I did try several local and international brands of essential oils. 

Through the years, I've gained knowledge about aromatherapy. 

In April 2020, while the world is coping up with the Covid19 pandemic, I thought to enroll in BS Psychology as a second college course, however, the current crisis hampered my dream to become a psychologist.  One time, while taking a shower, it popped in my mind to explore the world of aromatherapy as I've been using essential oils for almost a decade and is so far interested to widen my knowledge scope with the subject. So I enrolled in different FREE introduction courses from various schools about essential oils and aromatherapy. Until I decided to take a step further to get myself certified as a professional, well, after almost 6 months of studying, I made it!

From now on, I am Xerxes Aaron Bernadez, CA. I'm both a Certified Essential Oil Specialist and Certified Aromatherapist in the Philippines. Currently, based in Cebu city.


Aromatherapy Consultation

I do offer now my aromatherapy services to those who need help. You may please refer to aromatherapy consultation to book an appointment.

With the new normal (2020), consultations can be done online via skype, facebook messenger, chat apps, email, or even through call via landline or mobile phone. 

Buying Essential Oils and Blends

Here in the Philippines, you can be assured of buying authentic and pure essential oils. I have ready-to-use essential oils (diluted blends) courtesy of my brand AROMANTICO. All products from inhalers, roller blends,  face oils, shampoos, face toners, hair serums, hair sprays, massage oils, etc. are all formulated by me. 

Aromantico products are also available for purchase at SHOPEE.

For Cebu customers, you may have the option to pick up our products though our Lahug address. Please order though our website Essential Oils Cebu.

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