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Are you excited to try the world of essential oils and aromatherapy? You may start with single oils or custom blends, which are ready-made roller bottles with essential oils diluted in a carrier oil. You may start using it (topically) to your skin without the worry of sensitization or irritation.


AROMANTICO essences, fragrances and oil (Cebu, Philippines)

- this is proudly a FILIPINO-owned brand that creates roller blends, inhalers, sanitizers, shampoos, balms, salves, soap, perfumes, etc.
- the product items are specially formulated by Cebu's only Certified Essential Oil Specialist and NAHA Certified Aromatherapist.

Doterra (click it)

-This is an international and top MLM brand that sells pure essential oils. Doterra means 'Gift of the Earth'. They are the biggest company in the world that also provides purity test (GC/MS testing) report of all their essential oils.

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