Book an online consultation with our certified Aromatherapist/Essential Oil Specialist

Can be done on email, skype, viber, facebook messenger, zoom, or though phone call.


FOR FULL CONSULTATION only. Please supply a document from your doctor stating their diagnosis prior to consultation should you wish to decide to get extra support for your healing with aromatherapy using therapeutic essential oils. You will be asked to fill out a Client Intake Form prior to booking a consultation so we can assess your diagnosis and recommend the best therapeutic oils to use. We need to fully understand your health issues and specific needs.

After booking a consultation with us, you have the option to access it through email, skype, fb messenger, zoom, viber or phone call.

Our qualified and certified Essential Oils Specialist/Aromatherapist with NAHA certification (international), will be happy to discuss and give an expert's advice for the appropriate essential oils and the proper way of using them specific to your needs.

Aromatherapy Consultation Fees

Php 1000 - EO Consultation on what ESSENTIAL OILS to use (up to 15 minutes). *FREE until December 2020

Php 1500 - Quick Consultation about Basic Aromatherapy, pure essential oils, carrier oils and methods to use them at home (up to 15 minutes). *FREE until December 2020

Php 2500 - Short Consultation on the basic use of Aromatherapy, the appropriate essential oils specific to your needs and other inquiries (up to 30 minutes)

Php 5000 - Full Consultation specific to the HEALTH CONCERN you want us to help you with. A diagnosis report is needed prior to booking an appointment as our Aromatherapist need to assess it to give you the best advice (up to 1 hour). Exceeding time rates: Php 500 per 15 minutes. We will also do a follow up call about your results within a week after the consultation is serviced.

Follow-up Rates:

After an initial FULL consultation with us, if you need to call or email for a follow up inquiry.

Php 2500 - done via Email for more Self-help suggestions including videos and other reading materials specific to your inquiry.

Payments accepted:

Bank to Bank transfers/online - BPI, BDO, Unionbank, China Bank
Paypal (credit cards can be linked to it)
Money Remittances (xoom, remitly, iremit, worldremit, western union, lbc)
Local payment hubs like PALAWAN, Cebuana, ML Padala,

Appointments Schedule:

Monday to Friday - 2 PM to 5:00 PM

Please book your consultation at least 5 days in advance.

*Cancellation notice should be done 3 days prior to scheduled appointment.

FREE Consultations/Promos

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We do have a lot of videos that we share useful information that might address your concern already.

We have articles on this site that could be helpful to you, please read them.

We have highly recommended blends that our certified Essential Oils Specialist/Aromatherapist have created to support common health issues like stress, head tension, indigestion, skin irritation, etc.

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